Гороскоп на текущую неделю: 28 сентября - 4 октября 2020 г.

Гороскопическая неделя: 28 сентября - 4 октября 2020 г.
Изображение на Димитрис Ветсикас

Astrological Overview: September 28 - October 4, 2020

Астролог Пэм Younghans пишет это еженедельный астрологический журнал на основе планетарных влияний, и предлагает перспективы и идеи, чтобы помочь вам в создании лучшего использования существующих источников энергии. Эта статья не претендует на предсказание. Ваш собственный опыт будет более конкретно определяется переходит в ваш личный график.

Выделенные аспекты на этой неделе
Время указано по тихоокеанскому стандартному времени. (Для восточного времени добавьте 3 часа; для среднего времени по Гринвичу добавьте 7.)

пН: Venus quincunx Saturn, Venus trine Mars, Saturn stations direct
вТ: Sun opposite Chiron, Mars square Saturn
МЫ Б: Сесквиквадрат ртути Нептун
ЧГ: Full Moon in Aries, 2:05 p.m. PDT
FRI: Venus opposite Ceres, Sun quincunx Uranus, Venus enters Virgo
СИДЕЛ: Jupiter parallel Pluto, Mars conjunct Eris, Mercury quincunx Chiron
СОЛНЦЕ: Pluto stations direct


THERE'S a storm a-brewin'. At times like these, our efforts are best focused in setting boundaries and staying calm. We realize that our main work is to maintain our balance, since we cannot stop the incoming waves, nor stem the tides that are turning.

The two tides that are in the process of turning are Saturn and Pluto, both of which go direct this week after being retrograde since April. When planets come to a standstill to change direction, we feel their influence more strongly -- and in a year that began with the life-changing Saturn-Pluto conjunction, to have both planets at a standstill at virtually the same time makes this a pivotal week in a very pivotal year.

We can expect delays and frustrations (Saturn) this week, as well as more evidence of dysfunctional systems that must be either renovated or scrapped completely (Pluto).

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ДОБАВЛЕНИЕ to the complexity of these days, Saturn is tightly square warrior Mars as the Ringed Planet stations direct on Monday. If we've been feeling controlled by circumstances recently, the pressure of this square may feel especially oppressive. It represents obstacles to the fulfillment of our desires, and tempts us to drink from a deep well of futility, if we take it all too much to heart.

One key to navigating this square is to call upon the qualities of wisdom, detachment, and objectivity. The more we are able to keep events in perspective, and not overreact, the easier our passage through the storm will be.

A SECOND TACTIC is to take things quite literally one step at a time. If there's an issue to be resolved, just find the next piece of the puzzle, rather than trying to figure out how the whole picture will come together. It will be too easy to go into overwhelm if we have that expectation.

Basically, we can't see around the corner with a square aspect. We are mostly aware of the obstacle in front of us. That obstacle can evoke irritation at one end of the spectrum, fear at the other end, and anger somewhere in the middle.

Actions motivated by any of these lower-vibrational emotions are likely to backfire. If you're feeling impatient, like you have to do it NOW or you will burst, stop. Take a breath. Take your time. Consider that it might be your instinctive reactions, not the situation itself, that are creating the sense of urgency.

IT MAY HELP to remember that with Mars retrograde right now, we are meant to be going inward to discover our true motivations. Certain obstacles may be in the way specifically to give us the time to reconsider where we are going, and why. We are also learning not to base our well-being on whether everything goes according to plan, nor on whether we feel our individual desires are being met.

One of the take-away lessons of this Mars-Saturn square is that our well-being need not be controlled by external events. Another learning is that the fulfillment of our desires may not depend on the manifestations we once thought were essential to our well-being.

У НАС ЕСТЬ two Full Moons on the calendar for October. The first occurs this Thursday, October 1, at 2:05 p.m. PDT (9:05 p.m. GMT). The Moon will be at 09°08´ Aries, with the Sun at the same degree of Libra.

Emotional responses are always elevated around the time of a Full Moon; with this lunation in impatient Aries – and with Mars, the natural ruler of Aries, square Saturn – we can expect that feelings will be running hot, but will not necessarily be channeled maturely or to best advantage. Given that Mars is retrograde, the anger that is released now may be the result of impulses that have been repressed for quite a while, which means that the response can be out of proportion to current triggers.

НО, this Full Moon also represents a major healing opportunity, with the Moon just two degrees away from Wounded Healer Chiron. If we find ourselves acting out of insecurity or fear – the shadow side of Chiron in Aries – we are being directed by the universe to take a break, to sit with the part of us that is feeling these emotions, and to hold it lovingly in our awareness while we tell it that we understand, and that we're sorry it's afraid.

This inner child work, when done purposefully – and out loud – has a healing effect deep within our psyches. It is a powerful way both to help heal a fearful part of our nature, and to strengthen a part of us that knows it is competent and able to handle any situation that might arise.

MARS is at the same degree as the dwarf planet Eris at the time of the Full Moon, with their exact conjunction occurring on Saturday. The alignment of these two warrior planets is highly energizing, especially for those who have felt ignored, disrespected, or victimized by the ones who appear to have power and control.

However, with both Mars and Eris currently retrograde, actions taken under this influence may not have the expected results. The advice once again is to take your time. If taking action, be sure you are inwardly composed and in alignment with your soul. Our soul speaks to us in a voice that is calm and calming, even if it is guiding us to take steps that require courage.

JUPITER AND PLUTO are exactly parallel by declination on Saturday. This is a similar energy to a conjunction, but calculated based on their distance from the эклиптика (celestial equator), instead of according to their zodiac degree. Some astrologers believe that the declination is the most potent type of alignment, so this event is another important factor this week.

When working together with a higher vibrational intent, Jupiter and Pluto can manifest as strong determination and will. They enhance our ability to align with our higher destiny and support a passionate commitment to what we believe in. But, when used without integrity, they can also result in excessive pride and self-righteousness, and a relentless drive for power. How we use this energy is up to each of us individually.

PLUTO stations direct in Capricorn next Sunday (October 4), which means that its transformational energies are heightened this week and next. Throughout this year, Pluto (with the help of Saturn and Jupiter) has been making it very clear which systems and structures do and do not work. It has also helped expose corruption in governments and social institutions. As the dwarf planet begins to move forward over the coming weeks, it will be taking us to the next level of transmutation.

With Pluto, it is always helpful to remember that it is the planet of both death and rebirth. Its process is aptly symbolized by the legendary Phoenix, which is reborn only after being consumed by fire. The disintegration phase is a necessary step, and requires that we release what has been so that we can embrace the new life that lies just ahead.


ЕСЛИ ВАША ДЕНЬ РОЖДЕНИЯ НА ЭТОЙ НЕДЕЛЕ: This year, it is especially important to notice where you do not give yourself equal rights, where you habitually deny your own needs or postpone your own agenda. Libra is highly motivated by the desire to help others feel welcome and supported, but can sometimes be less aware of its own needs. Chiron's influence in your life this year asks you to pay attention to when your mouth is saying "yes" but your gut is saying "no." Give yourself the freedom and space to get in touch with what you really feel and think. Make the commitment to be as kind to yourself as you usually are to others. (Solar Return Sun square Pallas Athene, opposite Chiron, quincunx Uranus)


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